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Wet Floor Caution SignMany Nursing Home Falls & Fall Injuries Should Have Been Prevented

When we think about nursing home neglect, we often think about bedsores and malnutrition, not about slip and fall injuries. However, it is absolutely vital to understand that nursing home slips and falls are often completely. In fact, if your senior loved one has been seriously injured due to a nursing home fall, it is possible that his or her nursing home was negligent – and that your family deserves compensation.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 1,800 nursing home residents die every year from fall-related injuries. Residents who experience non-fatal injuries from their falls are often left with permanent disabilities and a significantly reduced quality of life.

Nursing Home Fall Statistics

Just how serious a problem are falls in nursing homes? Here are a few more shocking statistics from the CDC:

  • A nursing home patient falls an average of 2.6 times each year.
  • An estimated 20 percent of nursing home falls result in serious injury.
  • While only five percent of seniors live in nursing homes, nursing home residents account for 20 percent of total senior fall-related fatalities.
  • For a nursing home with 100 beds, 100-200 falling incidents are reported each year. Many more falls go unreported.
  • An estimated 50 to 75 percent of nursing home residents fall every year, while seniors living in private residences experience only half that number.
  • Up to 6 percent of nursing home falls result in bone fractures.

As you can see, fall injuries are a serious problem – and a problem that is not managed successfully by many nursing homes in the United States. If your loved one has been hurt in a fall, he or she might be eligible to receive compensation. Contact an experienced Kentucky nursing home neglect attorney today or call (800) 991-0474 for a free and confidential consultation to discuss your case.

How Serious Are Fall-Related Injuries?

While younger individuals often fall without suffering serious injury, the same can’t be said for the elderly. Those in their later years often have less muscle mass, weaker bones, and poorer general health. Even a minor fall in the bath or from a bed can result in:

  • Severe contusions.
  • Fractured bones, especially broken hips.
  • Head injuries and traumatic brain injuries.

In turn, broken bones and head trauma can lead to even more complications for seniors, such as infections, bed sores, and permanent disability. In too many cases, a serious fall and its complications can lead to death. Even if a nursing home patient survives, he or she might suffer lasting injuries and a greatly reduced quality of life.

How Do Nursing Home Falls Happen?

Some nursing home falls simply happen by accident – and the injured resident is treated quickly, thoughtfully, and thoroughly by staff members. But all too often nursing home falls are the result of negligence. Why did your senior loved one fall and who is responsible for damages? Here are a few common reasons for nursing home fall injuries:

  • Understaffing. Understaffed nursing homes mean unsupervised seniors. These seniors may be forced to engage in activities that are not safe (going to the restroom, bathing, or leaving their bed) without assistance.
  • Poor staff training. Poorly trained nurses and nurse assistants can be just as dangerous as no staff at all. They can drop patients, ignore patients, or not give patients the proper help that they need. They may also have an improper response to a fall.
  • A dangerous nursing home environment. Your senior loved one may have fallen because of a lack of safety features, such as bed railings, bathroom railings, or floor pads. Or your senior could have tripped on carpet, an unsafe stairwell, or other hazard. It is the nursing home’s responsibility to keep their environment safe for both residents and visitors.
  • Nursing home abuse. In some cases, a nursing home resident may suffer a fall because they are the victims of abuse; for example, they were pushed by a staff member or purposefully left alone in the bathtub without assistance.

It is imperative to understand how and why your loved one’s fall took place – and whether the injury was treated correctly after the fall occurred. A Kentucky nursing home negligence attorney can help you understand your case and explain whether or not you may be able to seek damages.

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