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Riding a motorcycle can be pure bliss. Whether you are taking a joy ride through the country or livening up your regular commute, traveling on two wheels can be exciting, invigorating, and just plain fun. Even though riding motorcycles comes with hazards, the vast majority of riders are familiar with both their vehicles and the law. Still, accidents happen, often due to other drivers, poor road design, or road conditions.

Specifically, for as many as 5,000 motorcyclists per year in the United States, the ride ends in an accident-related fatality. Over 100 riders died in Kentucky alone in 2006, while thousands more are injured in traffic accidents each year.

Because of the nature and construction of motorcycles, motorcycle accidents can result in catastrophic injury, including traumatic brain injuries and death. If you or a loved one has been harmed in a motorcycle accident, it is vital that you understand the crash from a legal perspective and get the justice and compensation that you deserve from the at-fault parties. Kentucky injury attorney Seth Gladstein is here to help. To schedule a confidential, complimentary consultation, please contact us today.

Proving Liability in Louisville Motorcycle Accidents

It is a dangerous misconception that motorcycle riders are brash, speeding thrill-seekers who do not follow the rules of the road – and that bikers are responsible for the vast majority of Kentucky motorcycle accidents. In reality, according to the famed Hurt Report, only 25 percent of motorcycle accidents are of a single-vehicle nature and 75 percent involve a collision between the motorcyclist and another vehicle. Out of the later collisions, two-thirds were the result of the driver violating the motorcyclist’s right-of-way.

In other words, a large number of Louisville motorcycle accidents are the fault of another driver and still others are the fault of another party, such as a trucking company or municipality.  But how do you prove that in court? Traffic law can be surprisingly tricky, and odds are, the driver who ran into you has an insurance provider that is very committed to placing the blame on you.

At Gladstein Law, we can help you prove liability by taking an aggressive, thorough approach to your claim. Our team will:

  • Carefully collect all evidence related to your case, including your medical history, the accident report, and witness testimony.
  • Analyze this evidence with a fine toothed comb, reconstruction both your accident and your injuries.
  • Explore how this evidence points to the faulty party under the law.
  • Take the necessary steps to prove liability under Kentucky personal injury law.

Common Causes of Kentucky Motorcycle Accidents

All too often, bikers are not at fault for their accident and injury. Some of the most common causes of Kentucky motorcycle accidents in which a rider is not at fault include:

  • A driver turns left directly in front of an oncoming motorcycle.
  • A driver parked on the side of the road opens their door in the path of an oncoming motorcycle.
  • A driver on a highway or interstate changes lanes into the path of a motorcycle.
  • A driver following too closely rear-ends a motorcycle.
  • A driver does not respect a motorcycle rider’s right-of-way.
  • A driver causes an accident due to speaking or breaking a traffic law.
  • A driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • A road is not properly maintained by a state, city, or town, causing a motorcyclist to love control of his or her bike.

Quick Safety Tips For Motorcycle Riders

  • Always follow the rules of the road, including abiding by the speed limit.
  • Wear protective gear at all times, including a DOT-approved motorcycle helmet and clothes that protect your hands, feet, arms, and legs from road rash.
  • Turn on your headlight at all times and wear bright and reflective clothing to maximize your visibility.
  • Take a motorcycle education course in order to boost your experience and familiarize yourself with all of Kentucky’s motorcycle-specific traffic laws.
  • Be aware of the weather and avoid riding in dangerous conditions including rain, snow, ice, wind, and fog.
  • Never tailgate: striking the rear bumper of another vehicle can result in serious injuries for the rider, not just a fender-bender.

We Will Fight For The Compensation You Need To Recover

The damages a rider sustains from colliding with a vehicle can be devastating. Medical bills can reach into six figures, while lost income and future income can affect a family financially for years or decades. Ultimately, the financial burden alone of a serious motorcycle injury could put your entire life on hold. If you’ve found yourself in this type of situation, you probably feel overwhelmed and unsure of how exactly to proceed.

With the help of Gladstein Law Firm’s experienced personal injury team, you can effectively pursue the compensation you need to recover. Kentucky has strict limits on the time allowed for filing a lawsuit in a motorcycle accident case. Don’t miss out on your chance to hold the negligent accountable and pursue the compensation you need to recover. Call our office today toll-free at (800) 991-0474 to schedule a free and private consultation.

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