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Keys and a DrinkIf You Have Been Injured By A Drunk Driver, Speak To A Louisville Personal Injury Attorney Today.

Between 2003 and 2012, over 2000 people were killed by drunk drivers in Kentucky alone. Many thousands more were seriously injured. Still, though, 1.5 percent of Kentucky residents report that they have driven after drinking too much in the last 30 days.

Gladstein Law Firm, PLLC is dedicated to helping people who have been injured in car accidents. If your car accident involved a driver who was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident, that driver could be responsible for damages. These damages could include:

  • Medical expenses both past and future
  • Suffering physical pain
  • Suffering mental or emotional pain
  • Wages lost – both past and future
  • Cases of wrongful death, including funeral expenses

Life after a drunk driver steals your health (or loved one’s life) can be extremely difficult. Let us help you make certain that you get the compensation that you deserve, and that the driver who caused your pain is found accountable. To request a free, private meeting with a Kentucky car accident attorney, call Seth Gladstein today at (800) 991-0474.

Kentucky Drunk Driving Laws & Consequences

If a Kentucky driver has a blood alcohol level of .08 percent or higher, he or she is considered to be driving under the influence. This is because alcohol causes slower reactions and impaired thinking, making drunk drivers a hazard when they are on the road and behind the wheel. Sadly, everyone who is on the road with a drunk driver is also in serious danger of being involved in an accident that could result in severe injuries or even death.

Implied Consent: When a person receives a Kentucky driver’s license, they consent to taking tests in the future that determine their blood alcohol content (BAC) – either a Breathalyzer test or a blood test. Refusing your consent regarding these tests after a traffic stop is against the law, and can be punished with a suspended license. If you refuse a BAC test and are convicted of a DUI anyway, the punishments are more serious.

DUI Consequences: Being convicted of a DUI can result in heavy fines, loss of driving privileges, mandatory substance abuse treatment, and jail time, with consequences becoming greater with each conviction. In Kentucky, a fourth DUI conviction results in a Class D felony conviction. Some judges may rule that offenders must install an ignition interlock device in their vehicle.

Aggravating circumstances: The consequences of a DUI conviction are more harsh if you are speeding recklessly, driving with children in your car, driving the wrong way down the highway, or driving with very high BAC. Another aggravating circumstance is if someone is seriously injured or killed in an accident that the drunk driver caused.

Civil drunk driving cases: In addition to criminal charges, a drunk driver may be responsible for any damages that he or she caused as a result of the collisions. For example, a drunk driver may be responsible for your damaged property, your medical bills, and your lost wages.

What You Can Do To Prevent Kentucky Drunk Driving Crashes

You can’t stop a drunk driving accident once an inebriated driver is behind the wheel. But you can take steps as an individual to fight against drunk driving. Here are just a few actions that you can take:

  • Always have an alternative transportation plan when you are attending a social activity where you plan on drinking. Better yet, don’t take your car to these activities – walk, take public transportation, or ride with friends.
  • Don’t let your friends drive drunk. Help them find a safer way home, give them a ride, or let them stay on your couch. Remember that walking or biking while drunk can also be dangerous.
  • Teach your kids about the dangers of drunk driving. Make sure that they have a plan if they are put in a situation where their driver is drunk. Make sure that they understand the general dangers of consuming too much alcohol.
  • If you see a car breaking traffic laws or driving erratically, call the police to report it. It may take a few minutes of your time, but you could stop a drunk driver and save a life.

Consult With An Experienced Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

Seth Gladstein understands drunk driving accidents and Kentucky law. Throughout his career at Gladstein Law, Seth has dedicated himself to helping his clients receive the most recovery for their injuries, losses, and pain. With Seth at your side, our legal team will work at:

  • Obtaining your medical records.
  • Obtaining a copy of the report from the police.
  • Meeting with medical providers and witnesses.
  • Sending settlement demand letters to the negligent driver’s insurance company.
  • Getting the best possible outcome for your case.

Some lawyers will encourage you to settle without filing a lawsuit. However, if the insurance company of the other driver is not willing to settle the case, Seth will absolutely file a lawsuit and take the case to trial.

You can contact the Gladstein Law Firm by calling us toll-free at (800) 991-0474 or locally at (502) 855-4177. You can also contact us through our online contact form. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible to help you begin your road to compensation and recovery.

*Each case is different and the past record is no assurance that we will be successful in reaching a favorable result in any future case. Client pays costs only upon recovery.

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