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Bus accidents may not happen as often as car accidents, but they can be just as severe. People who are injured from bus accidents often experience back and brain injuries, fractures, muscle sprains and strains, and even death.

Reasons for Bus Crashes

school bus in the ditchWhile bus crashes can have many causes, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration produced a study in 2009 that showed some of the most common reasons for accidents involving buses. Those include:

  • Interference from pedestrians
  • Road conditions that are poor
  • Lane changes that are made suddenly
  • Reckless bus drivers
  • Weather conditions that are severe
  • Other vehicles using bus-only lanes

Who is Responsible for Bus Accidents?

Seth Gladstein, a Louisville, KY injury attorney who focuses on personal injury cases, will get to the bottom of a bus accident. He will find who caused the wreck – the driver, another vehicle, the bus company, or even the municipality bus owners. Because of the bus accidents’ complexity, it’s not usual for several people or entities to be involved. As an example, if a bus driver is hired who has a past history of driving while intoxicated or taking drugs, a claim would need to be filed against the company who hired him.

Gladstein Law Firm – Meeting Your Bus Accident Needs

Don’t wait to call Seth Gladstein if you have been hurt in a bus accident or if you know someone who was. Seth’s firm focuses only on personal injury cases, providing you with the knowledge and support that you need at this time. We want you to know if you are entitled to financial compensation, due to any injuries you or a loved one suffered. Schedule a meeting with Seth Gladstein today by calling 502-855-4177. We can also be reached at our toll-free number – 1-800-991-0474. In addition, you can fill out the form on our website and we will contact you as soon as possible. Call today for your *free, no-obligation consultation.

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