personal injury attorney talking with clientsAs an injury victim, your life has become extremely complicated. You have limitations physically and financially, and you are suffering emotionally too. While you know one of the best ways to alleviate that stress is to heal and get back on your feet, sometimes you need a hand.

You did not intend to file a lawsuit against the party that caused your injuries, but now you find yourself without savings, missing hours at work, and you cannot thrive. Sadly, too many victims in this same position try to “tough it out” and skip hiring an attorney. Some will assume they can negotiate with claim’s adjusters on their own; other times, they’d simply prefer to avoid any stigma regarding lawsuits.

Regardless of what is initially holding you back, you might find that you need an attorney’s help.  It could end up being the answer you’ve been looking for.

Reasons Why Victims Avoid Hiring an Attorney

No matter what reasons you may have been given dissuading you from getting legal help, there are compelling reasons to ignore that advice and contact an attorney as soon as you can.

Money: How Will I Pay for My Attorney?

Most victims will hesitate when thinking about a personal injury lawyer because they fear that they cannot afford to compensate the attorney for his or her services. But there is good news! You do not have to worry about paying your attorney right away. Instead, most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis. This means that your attorney takes no money from you unless they win your case.  And even then they receive only a portion thereof.

Trust: You Fear You Cannot Trust Your Attorney

Unfortunately, some personal injury advocates have received a bad reputation, and some are even untrustworthy. However, this is not true for most attorneys licensed to practice in Kentucky.

Most personal injury attorneys are there to help clients. They know that people get pushed around by insurance companies, and injury victims need an advocate to ensure they get the compensation they need for medical expenses, lost wages, and more.

Time: Settlements Take Too Long with Attorneys

While all personal injury settlements do not happen overnight, if you think that doing it alone will make it go faster, you might be surprised. In fact, most cases settle faster with the assistance of an attorney; not the other way around.

Insurance claims adjusters will not put off negotiations or try to delay settlement talks when an attorney is involved because they know a lawyer could file a lawsuit.

Fear: You Fear Suing Someone

Perhaps you feel that suing someone is wrong. You think that if you were to submit a lawsuit against someone, society would just see you as a money-grubber. Or perhaps you think that your injuries are not severe enough to file for compensation.

You should never worry about what others think or how your injuries match up to others. The fact is that you did not cause that accident. You are now shouldering the financial, physical, and emotional burden of the crash. You cannot work. You cannot go out and spend time with your children. You might even have chronic pain.

It is unfair for you to suffer through this just because you are worried about a stigma established by society.

Speak with an Attorney That Knows What You Are Going Through

Whether you are afraid of money, time, or reputation, there is no risk to sit down with a lawyer and explore your options. Call attorney Seth Gladstein today at the Gladstein Law Firm, PLLC. Schedule your free, no-obligation consultation today at 800-991-0474 or contact him online with your legal questions.

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