Injury Attorney Seth GladsteinWhen you need a personal injury attorney, you might turn to your internet search or even the yellow pages to find one. However, one thing you might notice is that attorneys offer their services for some areas – but are not necessarily located in that area. By advertising for your city, but not being there, it makes it more complicated for you.

If you live in Louisville, you want an attorney in Louisville too. After all, you cannot drive far with your injuries, and you do not want to spend hours in the car going from home to your lawyer’s office. Aside from the convenience and quick access, you might find more benefits to opting for a real local attorney over a statewide one.

5 Reasons to Hire a Local Advocate for Your Injury Claim

Selecting a local personal injury lawyer makes your life easier, saves you money, and can simplify the process of hiring an attorney in the first place. If that is not enough, here are five more reasons to consider local.

  1. Accessibility – You do not want an attorney with a satellite office. You want a lawyer that is local, easy to access, and has his or her main office where you are. You do not want an attorney that must drive back to their real office to make copies or even access their law library. Instead, everything should be local and ready to assist you with your case.
  2. Knowledge of Judges and Other Defense Attorneys – When your attorney is local, he or she will know the local judges overseeing civil cases. Also, they are likely to know local defense attorneys who would work for the insurance company or defendant on your case. By knowing the local judges, your attorney knows how these judges operate, their moods, and what they tolerate in court. This can only work in your favor.
  3. Investing and Spending Locally – When you hire a local attorney, he or she has an incentive to support other area businesses. They are more likely to be already investing and spending locally.  So in essence –  hiring an attorney in your community also benefits the community.
  4. Qualifications – A small city attorney can be just as qualified as a lawyer from a big city when it comes to personal injury cases. While there is some perception that you need to hire an attorney from downtown, the reality is that the rates of local attorneys tend to be more favorable. Furthermore, they tend to have lighter caseloads (which means more time to devote to your case), and they can be exceptionally qualified to get you the best possible outcome for your case.
  5. Reduced Costs for You – You save on travel expenses driving to and from your attorney’s office.  These costs include gas, hotels, and even meals. If you were to hire an attorney that is several hours away and your case is heard in another jurisdiction, this results in an added cost burden to you.


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