Negligent doctorPregnant women visit their OB-GYN frequently to ensure that they and their unborn child stays healthy for those nine months of pregnancy. Women rely heavily on their healthcare provider to ensure that they are safe and that there are no pregnancy complications.

Sadly, some of these doctors are not as responsible as others in their profession. Some look at their patients as numbers, and they rush them in and out like an assembly line. When this happens, errors occur, diagnoses are missed, and the results can be tragic.

Doctors are humans, and mistakes happen. However, a physician is required by law to be competent in the services they provide their patients. When a doctor offers prenatal care, they are required to not only care for the mother but the unborn child as well.

High-Risk Pregnancies and the Need for a Specialist

Some women are classified as “high-risk” pregnancies. A high-risk pregnancy means that the woman must see an OB-GYN that specializes in this type of classification. Women are classified as high risk for a multitude of reasons, including:

  • Age
  • High blood pressure
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Multiple pregnancies
  • Previous pregnancy complications

Doctors who fail to identify and refer their patients to a high-risk specialist could be found liable if the pregnancy or delivery result in injuries.

Testing, Diagnostics, and Treatment for Pregnant Women is Required

Part of proper prenatal care is testing a woman throughout her pregnancy. Certain tests are done during every visit, while others are done as screenings at specific periods in the pregnancy. The physician must perform these tests as required by medical treatment standards.

Failure to do these tests or properly diagnose a condition could not only could harm the baby but the mother too.

Birth Injuries and the Doctor’s Negligence

Equally, physicians are required to anticipate any potential birth complications and do what they can to avoid them.

Birth injuries are traumatic for the mother and baby alike. When a doctor fails to act in a way to prevent these injuries, it could lead to permanent damages for the child or the mother. For example, if a baby is big, a competent physician might schedule a C-section rather than attempt to deliver the baby vaginally.

Likewise, a physician that is unable to recognize distress of the mother or child during labor could be held liable for any injuries or deaths that result.

Legal Options for Victims of Negligent Prenatal Care

If you suspect that you are the victim of negligent prenatal care, you have rights. If negligence leads to harm to your baby or yourself, your care provider could be held liable for damages. The physician could be made to pay for medical expenses and other costs associated with having an infant or mother permanently injured by inadequate prenatal care.

How to Collect Damages

If you believe that your physician is to blame for your injuries or the injuries to your child, and you would like to consider legal action, speak with The Gladstein Law Firm, PLLC today. Attorney Seth Gladstein is here to help your family not only receive compensation but ensure other families do not become victims of physician’s negligence.

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