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Medical malpractice ranges from a surgical error to medical misdiagnosis. When a patient is harmed by a healthcare professional’s carelessness or negligence, the law allows them to seek compensation. However, to receive compensation, you must first hire a malpractice attorney.

When you start the task of searching for a Lexington medical malpractice attorney, you might notice that there are numerous options to choose from. So, how do you know if you are choosing the right attorney for your case?

Malpractice cases are extremely complex; therefore, you want to ensure you start your case off with the right attorney. The right attorney can make a big difference not only in the compensation you receive but the success of your case.

Getting Started with Your Attorney Search

Malpractice law is a specialized area of personal injury law. While it does overlap legal issues in personal injury cases, there are procedural challenges that an attorney must be prepared for in a malpractice case. That is why not all personal injury attorneys offer their services for malpractice victims and vice-versa.

A malpractice attorney typically offers services to injured patients or is there to defend health care providers. As a patient, you want a lawyer that specializes in representing injured patients suing health care providers and companies.

Ask for Recommendations

Family and friends may have recommendations of malpractice lawyers they have used themselves or someone that they know. Ask around for personal references, because this might help you identify a local attorney that can help.

Check Online Reviews

The most important step is considering an attorney’s profile online and seeing what past clients have to say about them. Do not just look at testimonials on the attorney’s website. Instead, look for their ratings from organizations like the Better Business Bureau, AVVO, and even social media. Here you can find unbiased information.

Look for Trial Associations

Attorneys who are members of trial associations, such as the state’s association and Million Dollar Advocates Forum shows that the attorney takes his or her career seriously. They must pay dues to be in these associations, and by being part of the association, they receive up-to-date training on the latest case law, issues, and more.

Sit Down and Meet with the Attorney

Most importantly, you must sit down and meet with the attorney you are thinking of hiring. Most attorneys offer a free or no-obligation consultation. During this appointment, you discuss your case and get to know the attorney. The attorney also does a quick assessment of your case to tell you what you could expect if you were to file an official lawsuit.

Hire a Lexington Medical Malpractice Attorney Today

If you or a loved one suspects that you are the victim of malpractice, speak with an experienced attorney in your area by calling the Gladstein Law Firm, PLLC. We offer free, no-obligation consultations. Meet with attorney Seth Gladstein today at 800-991-0474 or schedule your consultation appointment online.

Seth Gladstein can help you and your loved ones receive compensation after an injury caused by a negligent physician. Physicians are held to a higher standard and must meet the basic standard of medical care any time they suggest or provide treatments. Therefore, you have the right to seek compensation when your physician’s error causes a serious injury.

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