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Doctor Withholding Information from PatientTypically, medical malpractice claims involve some error or negligence, such as amputating the wrong body part. However, when a physician fails to diagnose, prescribe, or communicate the right information to a client, there are potential malpractice claims there, too.

Doctors and hospitals alike are notorious for failing to disclose information. In fact, one study shows that patient communication with doctors revealed that physicians regularly withheld the truth or critical information from their patients.

As a patient, you have the right to full disclosure; before consenting to any treatment, your physician must tell you what to expect and make sure that you understand everything about your diagnosis. Failing to provide you with accurate information – or outright withholding that information – is considered malpractice.

If you are injured because your physician failed to communicate your diagnosis, lab results, or treatment options thoroughly, you should speak with a medical malpractice lawyer immediately.

Communication and Delays in Treatment

In this instance, the patient may not receive information about treatment. For example, a clerical error will delay when a patient is told about treatment, and a failure to communicate could constitute medical malpractice. In fact, inability to deliver and provide treatment is becoming a favorite reason for medical malpractice claims in the United States.

For example, say that you are diagnosed with an infection, but that infection was not disclosed to you for almost two weeks. Your physician’s office had more than enough opportunities to notify you about the diagnosis. The failure, however, led to your having to endure a three-day hospital stay for IV treatments instead of a single course of pills you could have taken at home. The infection became so severe that you were hospitalized and encountered multiple treatments and costs, all of which could have been avoided with earlier communication.

Getting Assistance with a Failure to Communicate Case

If your physician fails to communicate with you, realize that medical malpractice cases are extremely complex. To be successful, you must understand the laws surrounding these types of claims and gather evidence showing that your physician failed to communicate. You must also show that the physician had adequate time and opportunities to communicate.

When a doctor fails to disclose – or withholds information – it could result in serious injuries, excessive medical costs, and much more. Therefore, you are entitled to compensation when a physician’s negligence leads to injury and damages.

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